Nick Gascoigne

Nick Gascoigne
Product Design Consultant

  • Bachelor of Design, UNSW
  • Passionate about solving problems with human centred design and technology
  • 20 years digital experience across agency, startup, enterprise and consultancy
  • Father of 3, sometimes surfer, road cyclist

As a boy brought up in the UK, Germany and Australia, I found fascination in the way-finding graphics of airports and train stations while observing how the same concepts were expressed differently across regions and cultures.

Today, I’m a product designer who consults on strategy, research and experience design. I seek to help people navigate across often fragmented digital services and have deep experience across government, financial and insurance sectors. I balance idealism and pragmatism to create innovative products and services that offer value for consumers, brands and businesses.

Recent work includes consulting with one of Australia’s biggest airlines, working with Tobias and the Digital Transformation Agency to prototype myGovID, and working with the Attorney-General’s department to understand and improve the current state of cyber security awareness.

I’m open to new opportunities to work with stakeholders to set design challenges, run research activities, ideate solutions and deliver products iteratively to market. Get in touch.

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