Prototyping a digital identity experience


Lead experience designer with Tobias and the Digital Transformation Agency.


The Australian government is exploring digital identity to make services more accessible while reducing the costs to deliver them. Tobias was asked to investigate the viability of a web responsive solution for myGovID, the government digital identity provider.


Building on previous user research, design and technical discovery on the GovPass program, we quickly iterated through 3 rounds of prototypes to learn quickly from cohorts across metro and regional Australia. 

Paper prototyping
HTML prototype

To ensure all obstacles and risks were surfaced early, we collaborated with stakeholders across the DTA, ATO and DHS and set up regular cycles of communication including standups, showcases and project status meetings every week in an effort to create an open space for feedback and learning.

Process and story mapping


We successfully created a proof of concept that scored highly in usability testing for efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, we investigated browser-based technologies for the application. 

Given the complex nature of the problem and distributed stakeholders across government agencies, we produced an explainer video to help communicate our product vision and recommendations in a concise and consistent way to inform decisions around the program roadmap.

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